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February 2014

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We are entering students in these grades this year:

1: Classical Guitar (Trinity) -
fingerstyle, traditional pieces, reading music and music theory, nylon sting guitars.
2: Rock Guitar (Rockschool) -
backing tracks, electric guitar chords and solos reading tab.
3: Acoustic Guitar (RGT)
memorising chords and strum rhythms, fingerstyle and plectrum, steel string guitars.
4: Rock and Pop Guitar (Trinity)
modern songs using tab with backing tracks.
5: Music Medals (ABRSM)
traditional fingerstyle in duets and trios, video assessment including an easy beginners level
6: Plectrum Guitar (Trinity)
For guitar players that like to read music and use a plectrum

Please phone or email if you have any questions about the lessons
07837 254308

About Us:

SchoolGuitar.com is a private Guitar Teaching provider run by experienced tutor Colin Ayres,
working in partnership with schools in Somerset to provide top quality Guitar Tuition
with individual, paired and group of 3 lessons.
Records of the lessons are online on the parents'
login page where you can add comments
for each lesson.

All styles can be covered, including
Classical, Rock, Songs, Making Up Tunes,
Chords, Pop, Nursery Rhymes
Theory, Grades/Medals, Recording MP3s
and more...