offers guitar hire
of good quality classical guitars for all primary school students in the Taunton And Street areas of Somerset.

If you want to buy one you can look at our Guitar Guide, (click here).
We do not usually sell guitars though as we keep them in stock to hire them out to our students.
For our own students it is just £10 per term,
or for students not taught by us it is £20 per term.

We use "Santos Martinez", "Admira" and "Fender" guitars that would often be out of the price range for beginner children.
We do a professional conversion to left handed if required so as to maintain the same quality.

They are easy to play and have a good range of sounds for players of any level.
We will check that it is the correct size and provide a carry case and plectrums.
Repairs and replacement strings are included.

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